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CapturedMomentum / pokedex
  • This project is a Slack command for looking up Pokémon from the national Pokédex!

    Simply ask Professor Oak about your favorite Pokémon by English name or national Pokédex number, and get a short summary with a link to Bulbapedia in Slack!

  • Pokémon is an established brand and trademark of Nintendo. This is a free fan project, we are not associated with or endorsed by the Pokémon franchise or Nintendo in any way.

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  • Privacy:
    Pokédex asks for the commands permission because this Pokédex is a command you are installing.

    Pokédex asks for the permission. You will note there is not much to access there. This is asked for the sole purpose of finding out your team's Slack domain once, when it is used to put a link on the post-install page that can be used to take you back to your team Slack in the browser to try out the Pokédex!

  • Command Usage:

    /pokedex help
    Help Image

  • /pokedex help lookup
    Lookup Help Image

  • /pokedex lookup squirtle
    /pokedex lookup 7
    Basic Usage Image

  • /pokedex lookup squirtle --language=ja
    Language Flag Usage Image

  • /pokedex lookup squirtle --metric
    Metric Flag Usage Image

  • Questions or issues?

    (Thanks and greetings are welcome too =D)

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